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Whether you seek Greenville SC lodging because you're in town to see homes for sale in Greenville SC or you just want to have fun in the city of Greenville -- SC Upcountry locals and visitors alike have discovered a better alternative to most hotels and motels that Greenville SC offers. We also figured out that folks who are looking for airports near Greenville SC might not know about the service difference between most Greenville SC airport hotels and the nearby winner of the AAA Four Diamond Award: the close-to Greenville SC bed & breakfast known as The Red Horse Inn!

We're just 30 minutes from many wonderful Greenville SC things to do. You'll find the short drive well worth it. Succinctly put, you'll be spoiled without being charged an arm and a leg for it. If you are indeed coming here to consider houses in Greenville SC, remember that relocation to Greenville SC needn't be all work and no play. Check out homes in Greenville SC and then join your family to visit the Carolina First Center, the famous BI-LO Center Greenville, and so many other fantastic things to do in Greenville. SC's best houses (many of them) are in Greenville, and SC is quite proud of the tourist attractions that Greenville SC is so famous for!

Greenville SC Things to Do

After your Greenville SC lodging is settled and you've perused homes for sale, Greenville SC beckons you to unwind with many relaxing diversions to complement the Carolina First Center and the BI-LO Center Greenville. Greenville sports wonderful vineyards, regional symphony, and of course the city of Greenville SC offers a diverse zoo with wildlife from around the world. The list of Greenville SC things to do is fairly long, so you may want to visit the city of Greenville SC Visitors Bureau at
But first, make sure that you have your Greenville SC lodging planned at the nearby place that puts most motels in Greenville SC to shame... after a day of shopping for homes for sale in Greenville SC, come on home to Southern hospitality at the Inn!

Greenville SC Lodging: This might be of interest because you want to see homes for sale in Greenville SC. Maybe you're just seeking some fun in the city of Greenville. SC folks, along with vacationers, have figured out a better option than most hotels and motels in Greenville SC. We also deduced that people who seek airports near Greenville SC are probably unaware of the hospitality discrepancies between otherwise OK Greenville SC airport hotels and the close-by recipient of AAA's Four Diamond Award: the "very close by to" Greenville SC bed & breakfast known as The Red Horse Inn!



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