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"Heaven is Here"

My husband and I have been together for over 15 years and we have been on many vacations. I am an attorney turned pre-med student and he is a property manager for over ten years. I mention that not for any reason other than to tell you that we can't help but pay particular attention to detail. We have been trained to do so and it's a curse at times. Haha.

Despite that we've been on many vacations, none of them were recent, just the two of us, or at an inn. My husband is EXTREMELY picky about cleanliness to the point where he will literally walk out of a place, throwing away our money, if it is not what was promised. He actually insists on bringing his own set of sheets and towels everywhere we go just in case. Because he is a property manager, he is very hard to please when it comes to places to stay on vacation. He expects owners to care for their properties the same way he does his and he will notice the tiniest tear in the carpet and make it a huge deal. Things like hearing other guests from our room, not up to par views, cheap linens, bad food, poorly maintained whirlpools, hot tubs and jacuzzis, cheap furniture, poor room layouts, bad heating and lighting, drive him absolutely crazy!!

When I was planning our 15th anniversary celebration, we were both extremely stressed out. To help out his family, we bought and live in a two-family duplex which we share with five other family members and have shared our home with as many as ten other people throughout the years. There is no such thing as quiet in our lives as a result. In addition, we have two small dogs, demanding academic and professional responsibilities, have both battled serious health issues, and haven't had a vacation ALONE together in about 7 years. So, when I was planning our anniversary vacation, I had to choose a place that would meet my husband's very high expectations, satisfy our desperate need for some rest and relaxation, and be memorable enough to make up for the past several years of no alone time. No pressure at all, right?

I spent several weeks researching different places and finally came across The Red Horse Inn. From what I've heard about inns, it can be spectacular or dreadful. I was incredibly skeptical. However, I read the other reviews and saw that it earned the 4 diamond award from AAA as well as so many others distinctions for top romantic getaways. I did not find really read anything negative and found much positive feedback. Despite that, I was still skeptical. See, I told you it is a curse. I decided to give them a call and explain the reservations I had about staying in a inn and what I was really looking for. The owner Mary personally answered the phone, as her and her husband Roger always do, and explained everything in amazing detail. When we arrived, she showed us that she walks around with a cell phone so that she is sure she can be reached at any time. She meant that because each time we called we were able to reach her. Nevertheless, we aren't at that part yet. At this point in our story, I was still being silly and hesitating to visit this place that is in a league of its own. Mary helped me choose the room that was best suited for us. In speaking with her, she explained in great detail how the inn was designed, the beautiful acres of land which she owns and the property is on, why she thought the room I stayed in was best for what I wanted, and addressed my incredibly picky dietary needs. When I hung up the phone, I was impressed by the level of detail she provided. I had never before spoken to someone who I felt was more specific about things than I was. That's an amazing compliment considering the fact that I'm 33 and have worked with high powered NY attorneys who are famous for being a pain in the neck!!! I was literally floored by how much she cared about her property and how much thought she put into things. I was also astonished that I could actually tell how dedicated she was to providing her guests with a great vacation based on our phone conversation. I have no idea how she managed to do that but her sincerity was obvious. One of the other things that caught my attention was the fact that she gave me a discount when I didn't ask for one, recommended a cheaper room than what I was looking at because she thought it was more romantic, and told me about a second AAA discount which I didn't even know about. She explained that she didn't think her guests should have to pay a ton of money to enjoy themselves. She acknowledged that she realized she was cheaper than other places but was just happy to make others happy. I thought either this lady is completely crazy, a great actress or one of the few business owners who actually still took pride in their work and cared on a very human level that their guests were happy. I'd soon find out that it was the later but at that point I was at least impressed with the fact that she said that.

I spoke to my husband about Mary and what I saw on the website. I told him, honey, you are not going to believe this but I think I've found a woman that may just be more detailed orientated and dedicated to her work than the both of us combined. My husband said that is just not possible. I said oh yes it is. He said ok well I have to see this for myself and it sounds perfect. I called Mary back and we made our reservation to stay in the room she suggested, the Gable Room, also known as in my book as heaven on earth.

When we arrived, Mary was waiting and personally greeted us. Although she had already given us an itinerary of things to do by email when we made the reservation, she made further suggestions to make sure we had lots to choose from. It was raining that day so she pointed out that she had extra umbrellas for her guests and that we may grab one if we needed. I mean, who does that? We had our own but I thought oh my goodness, how nice of her. She also had what seemed like 100 movies for us to borrow if we wanted to and she handed us one to watch that we discussed over the phone. She then personally walked us to our room.

There is a private entrance staircase which leads up to the Gable room. The entrance itself is so pretty. There is lots to see right there. There is a small coy pond surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers and classical music playing softly in the background. We proceeded up the stairs to notice that there was a welcome note on the door with both of our names on it. We thought that was incredibly sweet but that was only the first of many surprises. I will not tell you all of them only because I don't want to ruin the pleasure you will experience by having seeing it firsthand. Sufficient to say, Mary and Roger think of everything and then some!!!! When she opened the door to Gable, my heart literally skipped a beat and my jaw dropped. Folks understand, I'm not easily impressed so that reaction from me is extremely good. The furniture, linens, bed, and well everything, was absolutely beautiful and a reflection of someone with impeccable taste. Even the bathroom was a place to see. We actually had a 15 minute conservation with Mary in there and completely forgot we were standing in a bathroom because it was huge, spotless and beautiful!! I probably could live in there. The pictures on her website do it NO justice whatsoever. Unlike most destinations, the Red Horse Inn actually looks 3,000 times better in person. Mary slowly walked us through everything and showed us where things were including the breakfast items that were frozen and ready for us to heat up in the morning. I know how that may sound to some people. For those people, it is not some processed garbage. It is delicious, homemade gourmet food that hits the spot!! In addition to that, there was a coffee maker with the water already in there, a carafe of freshly squeezed orange juice, oatmeal, muffins and fruits. There were also so many other little touches, which I will keep to myself as some amazing surprises for you, that help set the tone for the perfect romantic celebration. There was a private balcony which Mary showed us overlooks the most spectacular view of the mountains, greenery and her beautiful horse, Secret, who I somehow managed to fall in love with in two days and could see grazing early in the morning after I was done watching the magical sunrise. After Mary made sure we were settled she then excused herself and I turned to my husband and said well what do you think? Did I do good? He said, "I'm impressed. You did really good. This place is just perfect. I actually can't find anything wrong and even if I could it wouldn't matter because everything else is just so nice. She really does think of everything. Finally, a business owner who cares. This is how things SHOULD be." He then laid down and with no hesitancy whatsoever took a nap from the long drive. This may not sounds like a big deal, but it is. I have never ever EVER in 15 years seen my husband lie on a guest room bed without thinking about it, complaining for several minutes or like I said in extreme cases changing the sheets. He also for the first time in his life (he's 35) got into the whirlpool for a wonderful bath. He said I have no doubt it is clean so I figured for once I can enjoy myself. I smiled and secretly thought to myself thank you Mary and Roger!

Every minute spent at the Red Horse Inn was more than worth the money. It was peaceful, quiet, beautiful and there is just such a calming aura to this place that you can't help but relax. Seriously, go there and just try to be stressed. I bet you'll find it nearly, if not actually, impossible after a day there. When we woke up, we enjoyed the breakfast left for us feeling refreshed after a good night sleep on such a comfortable bed. Because we were so impressed with the place, we decided to go to the waterfalls and bridges that Mary suggested we visit. She was on the money about her recommendations too. We are outdoorsy people and had the most wonderful time hiking, talking and soaking in some nature. We came back to find more surprises in our room waiting for us along with the chocolate truffles that Mary was nice enough to put together on a moments notice at my request.

It is a magical place to spend any romantic getaway and I would dare you to find anything even close to its perfection. More than that, it is just a magical place period. I could easily see myself going there for different reasons like to write, study, or to reconnect with an old friend or family member. The list is just endless. The only thing this place is not, however, is a place for rowdy, rude and noisy guests who make it impossible for everyone else to be comfortable. I just cannot say enough about The Red Horse Inn. You will notice the title of my review. I called it that because that is how we described it when we were there and there is a song "Heaven is Here" which became the theme song of our vacation. There were only two downsides. One, sadly, we had to leave. Two, I think this place may have just spoiled me for all other places. However, that is just fine with me because we have agreed to make it our yearly tradition. We loved it so much that the first thing that we did when we got home was rave to the other couples we knew about it. Seriously, we did that BEFORE we unpacked. Actually, we did that on the drive home!! We could not wait for others that we loved to have a chance to share this experience.

Don't be silly like I was. STAY HERE!!! Get off Trip Advisor. Stop looking. Book your stay right now. If they don't have your dates available, change your dates and go here anyway. This is not just another place to stay on vacation. It is an incomparable, treasurable, unique experience that will provide you with warm, wonderful memories for years to come!

– Rachael and Willis

You might have spent a lot of time looking at South Carolina hotel reviews, perhaps including TripAdvisors' best hotels. Did you know that their best hotels review Website includes pages of raving reviews for an SC bed and breakfast called The Red Horse Inn? That's right. Even the Web page name starts with "hotels_review." Since we share the Trip Advisor (or TripAdvisor) hotel reviews Website, we offer these Guest Comments pages to let you hear what more of our guests have to say about us and not hotels. Once you decide to stay here, you'll never bother with another hotel rating Website again!

If you're planning a romantic getaway in South Carolina's upcountry, you have probably looked through SC upcountry bed & breakfast directory after SC upcountry b&b directory for SC travel reviews. Since you found our guest comments pages, why not take a moment to read some of SC upcountry consumer reviews that our guests left here in person? While a SC upcountry b&b guide or a South Carolina bed and breakfast directory can be informative, the South Carolina consumer generated travel reviews here give you the full picture of how special our guests feel.

Consult your favorite SC upcountry bed & breakfast directory for SC travel reviews of romantic couples retreats, and you will find comments about our Inn that are similar to those you see on these pages of our website. Your SC upcountry b&b directory will likely include guest comments like "WOW!" and "nothing short of amazing" regarding The Red Horse Inn. Your SC upcountry b&b guide will no doubt contain SC consumer reviews that rave about our hospitality and attention to detail. So whether you read SC travel reviews about us on our website or on a South Carolina bed and breakfast directory, remember that there is only one SC upcountry bed & breakfast where South Carolina romantic getaways reach this level of perfection... The Red Horse Inn! 

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